Professional Mediator's Association
"The Professional Mediators' Association (PMA) exists to raise awareness of mediation and to promote excellence in all aspects of business, workplace, employment and consumer mediation"
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The Professional Mediators Association (PMA)

About the PMA
The PMA is an independent, not for profit trade association founded in 2007. The PMA represents consumer, business, employment and workplace mediators; mediation organisations; and in-house mediation schemes. Over the past five years, the membership of the PMA has grown rapidly. The PMA actively promotes mediation as an effective and sustainable process for resolving disputes and we are proud to offer a hub and a voice for professional mediators working across the UK and beyond.  

The PMA Values

  • Informing: The PMA will promote mediation as a preferred mechanism for resolving disputes.
  • Excellence: The PMA will promote excellence in all aspects of mediation.
  • Transparency: The PMA will conduct itself in a fair and open manner.
  • Collaboration: The PMA will work with all members and stakeholders to promote collaboration.

Purpose of the PMA

"The Professional Mediators' Association (PMA) exists to raise awareness of mediation and to promote
excellence in all aspects of business, workplace, employment and consumer mediation."


The PMA aims to:

  1. Provide a voice for professional mediators and to influence government policy and decision making.
  2. Raise the profile and the standard of mediation practice and secure the reputation of PMA members. Reassuring the purchasers and users of mediation services that PMA mediators operate within a strict and rigorous professional framework.
  3. Drive up the standards of the mediation profession by delivering regular continuing professional development programmes(CPD).
  4. Develop and promote an accreditation scheme for professional mediators and mediation schemes.
  5. Celebrate and reward success in all aspects of workplace, employment, business and consumer mediation.

Professional Mediator Standards and Code of Conduct

The PMA has developed a unique and rigorous set of practice standards which all members of the PMA must abide by. To view these standards please click here.

Governance of the PMA.

The PMA has a governance framework which ensures that the organisation is fully accountable to its membership. It also provides for high level of probity and independence. The PMA is governed by an independent board.

The PMA board is an independent group of professionals and organisations reflecting the diversity and the depth of the professional mediation community.

The board comprises: mediation suppliers, lawyers, HR professionals, academics and independent mediation consultants working alongside a variety of other experts and specialists in the field of mediation and ADR.

The PMA board 2014/2015 comprises :

President:David Liddle(TCM Group)                                            
Secretary:Michael Farrier(Boyes Turner LLP)                            
Vice-President:Sheila Thorne(Independent mediator)            
Academic Group Co-chair: Jonny Gifford (CIPD)                    
Academic Group Co-chair: Prof Paul Latreille(Sheffield University)
Communications Group Chair: Philip Jones(Workplace Dynamics)
Regional Group Co Chair: Holly Bonfield(Federation of Small Businesses )
Regional Group Co Chair: Tanya Greaves(Swizzels Matlow)
Membership Services Group Chair: Philip Edwards(Lloyd's)

We welcome applications from any organisation, professional body or professional mediators wishing to join the PMA board. Please email us at for more details.

Details of all our upcoming events can be found here on the TCM website
Benefit from :
- UK & Europe-wide accreditation
- a network of mediators
- practice standards to ensure credibility
- expert seminars and training
- access to mediation resources
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